Survive by any means…

What is the point?
Quickly run the track without getting caught by a zombie.

How will zombies catch participants?
Each runner will have a belt with three ribbons. The task of the zombie – tear off the tape.
If all three tapes are torn off – you are infected.

What happens if all my tapes tear off zombies?
So you were devoured by zombies. But you do not instantly turn into a zombie (the zombie virus takes time).
Go to the quarantine zone.

Is physical contact between zombies and runners acceptable?
Not! Any intentional contact is prohibited. Zombies are not allowed to push, hit, grab, or else physically influence the runners. Runners are also not allowed to touch the zombies. You can protect your tape by dodging, twisting, running, crawling, jumping from zombies.

Can I bring a weapon to protect against zombies?
No way. Your only weapon is your dexterity and sharpness.

I have a dog / cat / bear trained to protect against zombies. Can I take it with me?
Not. No pets are allowed on the track.

Will the track time be recorded?
Not. The task of the runners is to overcome the track in the control time, without hitting a zombie.
The main prize will be drawn among the survivors.

Can I show up as a runner or a zombie? What’s the Difference?
Yes, each participant can register as a runner (Survivor) or as a zombie (Infected).
Runners are those who run away from zombies. Try not to get caught by zombies. Whoever does it better than anyone else gets a prize.
Zombies are zombies. Zombies are trying to devour runners into their ranks. Zombies just enjoy the process.

There will also be a separate distance for Infected Zombies for 2 km, in which they will overcome obstacles and will try to survive and not fall under the shelling of Stalkers or the experiments of Chemists’ scientists.

Why is participation as a zombie paid?
We are raising funds for the antidote from Z-Virus for the whole world.
Also at this event will be contests, entertainment, atmosphere, scenery and of course medals for all participants.

What is the track?
The route passes through the forest and settlements.
You can meet various artificial obstacles, water barriers, buildings, relief elements and, of course, terrible zombies.

Obstacles will be known before the start?
No, this is a zone of alienation in which chaos and apocalypse occurs …

It is very difficult?
The track is capable of any person who confidently moves over rough terrain.

Do you need maps, compasses, navigators, telephones and other pribludy?
No, not needed. The whole track is marked with the mark.

Do I need flashlights?
No, not needed. Even if there will be dark parts of the route – there will be lighting.

How to dress runners?
In a comfortable sportswear and shoes that do not mind to stain or tear. The rest we will provide in the City of survivors on a secret base.

How to dress zombies?
Some zombies were lying in the ground for a long time. Respectively,
their clothes don’t look good – old and ragged.
Others – on the contrary, have recently become infected.
This could happen anywhere – in the workplace (first of all, as you know, medical personnel were infected), on vacation or at home.
In general, dress so that later these clothes can be thrown away 🙂
Any non-standard zombie costumes are welcome.
Also, all zombies before the start will be applied zombie makeup.

Do I need to take food?
Оn the territory of the town will be food courts, but paid

Do I need to take money?
At your discretion. There are no mandatory expenses other than the entry fee, but meals will be charged, as well as on the territory it will be possible to purchase protective suits, masks and other equipment for entertainment and recreation.

Can I take a camera / camera at the start?
Yes, of course, photo video filming is welcome, especially there will be group photos / selfies.

I present a news site, a journal, etc., can I come to the start?
Yes of course. It is possible to shoot anywhere, both in the camp and on the highway. There is no payment, but first pass the accreditation with our doctors, you may be infected, but you still don’t know about it. 😉 Write – press[@]

How do I train for a zombie wound?
Run, watch zombie movies. Run again.

Who organizes all this?
COLOR AGENCY company. Prior to this, we held a competition Holi Run – a race with colors, as well as the Holi festival of colors in Ukraine and many other exciting events.

How do I register for the race?
You must fill in the application form, pay and arrive at the start.

And what if the weather is bad?
With the exception of natural disasters – the event will take place in any weather. After all, the main thing for us is to survive … And in any weather, it does not matter!

There will be some detailed rules – what can and can’t be done?
Yes, about two weeks before the start, we will publish more detailed rules for runners and zombies.

What time do I need to come to the place?
At your registration ticket will be indicated – date / place / time. Before we can not save you …

Where can I ask questions about the event?
You can write on the page in facebook. Or by mail info [@]

The organizers reserve the right to change the rules during the preparation.